Published Stories: Part 2

“Dig This,” Arizona Highways, February 2017 (Digging for Fossils in Petrified Forest National Park)

“Parks Done Fast,” Backpacker, August 2016 (Investigation into the growing user conflicts in Grand Canyon National Park caused by trail runners and rim to rim race events.)

“Welcome to Americana,” Sunset, July 2016 (Detailed destination story on how/why Flagstaff is the No. 1 place in the West to spend Fourth of July.)

“June 30, 1956,” Arizona Highways, June 2016 (History of the mid air plane collision over Grand Canyon and how the tragedy still lives on among the children of crash victims.)

“Ash Fork to Williams,” Arizona Highways, June 2016

“Williamson Valley Road,” Arizona Highways, May 2016

“Across the Great Divide,” Arizona Highways, March 2016 (Investigation into Grand Canyon National Park’s aging water pipeline and the crisis of needing to replace it.)

“Agua Fria Canyon,” Arizona Highways, Jan. 2016 (History of ancient culture that lived on Perry Mesa)

“Fresh Tracks,” Backpacker, Nov. 2015 (essay)

“Desert Oasis,” Arizona Highways, Nov. 2015 (Profile of workers at Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon)

“Words to Live By,” Backpacker, Oct. 2015 (A career profile of retiring Grand Canyon NP ranger Bil Vandergraff.)

“There Is Another Way,” Arizona Highways, Oct. 2015 (History of early travel up Mount Lemmon.)

“Tourist Home,” Arizona Highways, Sept. 2015

“Ba’Cho,” Arizona Highways, August 2015 (An investigation of the White Mountain Apache tribe’s debate over the reintroduction of the Mexican wolf to Apache homeland.)

“Grandview Loop,” Arizona Highways, August 2015

“For Land’s Sake,” Arizona Highways, July 2015 (Inside the grassroots campaign to protect Walnut Canyon as a National Conservation Area.)

“Sifting Through the Ashes,” Arizona Highways, June 2015 (A look at the ecological recovery of the Peaks after the Schultz Fire and the scientists following the rebirth.)

“Closer Than You Think,” Backpacker, June 2015

“Rachel Tso: On Location,” Arizona Highways, May 2015

“Hull Cabin,” Arizona Highways, May 2015

“Scouting Trip,” Arizona Highways, January 2015

“Vests,” Backpacker, Aug. 2014

“Putting Down Roots,” Arizona Highways, Aug. 2014

“The Only Boots You Need,” Backpacker, Aug. 2014

“On the Wagon Road,” Arizona Highways, June 2014

“Twilight Canyon,” Backpacker, March 2014

“Traumatic Memories Have a Mind of Their Own,” Arizona Daily Sun, Feb. 27, 2014

“Rescue Rangers,” Backpacker, Oct. 2013

“Trekking Poles,” Backpacker, Sept. 2013

 “Drink Up,” Backpacker, Aug. 2013

“All Purpose Trail Clothes,” Backpacker, June 2013

“Mail Dominant,” Arizona Highways, June 2013

“Active Voice,” Arizona Highways, April 2013

“To Hellsgate and Back,” Arizona Highways, Feb. 2013

 “Grand Canyon Adventure Guide,” Backpacker, Jan. 2013

“Arch Rival,” Arizona Highways, November 2012